Can Cordyceps boost exercise performance?

Ever wondered what provides us with energy? Well, food of course. But how does what you eat get turned into energy to help us move around, live, function and exercise?

Through the process of digestion, the food we eat is broken down into smaller and smaller components until all that remains is nutrients. These nutrients are absorbed by tissues in your digestive system and transported to different cells and organs around the body to be utilised for different purposes. Amino acids, which constitute proteins are used as building blocks for enzymatic purposes, fats as store houses, and carbohydrates (carbs) as sources of energy to be used through various metabolic pathways.

But how do carbs get metabolised into energy?

Sugars, which are the simplest carbohydrates are broken down into bio-molecules called pyruvate and energy storing molecules called Adenosine Tri-phosphate (ATP) which are essential for delivering energy to muscles.

There’s emerging evidence that regularly consuming Cordyceps can aid the production of cellular ATP, improving how your body uses oxygen, in turn allowing you to exercise harder for longer.

For example, a 2017 study in the Journal of Dietary Supplements found that “acute supplementation with a Cordyceps militaris containing mushroom blend may improve tolerance to high-intensity exercise; greater benefits may be elicited with consistent chronic supplementation.”

The study participants saw improvements to their V02 max or lung capacity after just 3 weeks of taking Cordyceps supplements every day.

So whether you’re a beginner athlete or a professional competitor, if you’re looking to gain an edge in your physical performance, Cordyceps can be a powerful support to help you get there.

Elle farms 100% pure Cordyceps Militaris

Elle farms 100% pure Cordyceps Militaris